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My name is Jeff and I live with my wife and kids in Lake Wales, Florida. I grew up in nearby Myakka City, where my dad was a watch-maker. I have been fascinated with clocks all my life! I would spend hours in my dad's workshop tinkering with every single watch or clock I could get my hands on. I'd open them up, take them completely apart and put them together. I found the entire process so enjoyable and so relaxing.

The other passion in my life is developing software. There is something about writing code and seeing it work. It is the perfect mix of art and science. I love it so much that I also spend time developing open source software for the community like JBossCache. I also love trying out new apps, tools and browser add-ons when I have the time and make a note of them in my recommendation section.

I collect clocks of all types as a hobby. I created this website to be my personal tribute to my dad, who is hopefully fixing God's clocks up somewhere in heaven :)